Chief Ministers


We are the Chief  Ministers our names are Niamh and Melissa. We check that other ministers are doing what they should be doing, we also work alongside other ministers to help them complete and produce tasks effectively. We run a club in 3E time, which is all about parliament, the history of parliament and the votes that we have every 5 years.

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We are starting a book club soon!

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We will be running book club at lunchtimes, children who want to read at lunchtimes can join. These children are from a range of year groups and will be reading books in a group or individually. We will be reading books  such as: Tom Gates, Jacqueline Wilson books and The diary of a Wimpy Kid. 


We are also creating VLOGS about what all the ministers are doing.Catch our first one! We will be looking at how the farming ministers care for the larger animals in school.