Bolsover Church of England Junior School

Collective Worship



At our school, Collective Worship is a time when we (the children and staff) come together as a community to share and build on our school's values, as well as Christian values. These include trust, hope, peace, generosity and thankfulness. We also explore creativity, compassion, truthfulness and humility. In Collective Worship, we have plenty of opportunities for spiritual development, developing a sense of awe and wonder. We get to worship God, think about our own beliefs and understand those of others.


This term our value is generosity

This term the Christian value we are focussing on is generosity. This means we will look at how generosity is shown throughout the bible and what it means to us.



Our Church Council have created a good selection of ideas and key questions to focus on this term in Collective Worship too!


Get thinking!

When have you been Generous?




What is Collective Worship?

Collective Worship is our time at the end of the day when we come together in an act of worship. This may be through singing, talking about Christian Values, through prayer, or by discussing religious stories. Most days this takes place in the hall as a whole school but one day a week we have Class Worship in our normal classrooms


Who leads Collective Worship?

Collective Worship is mostly led by our Church Council, and supported by our Collective Worship Coordinator, Miss Higginbottom. Church Council is made up of a group of pupils, who are mainly in year 6, who work hard to create involving collective worship sessions.

On occasion, Collective worship is also led by:

Mrs Herbert

Class teachers

Reverend Rachel

Ray and Beryl and their Puppet Pals

Valley CIDS.


What else do Church Council do?

Church Council have also organised assemblies for the local infant school, introduced many visitors to our Collective Worship, and are currently helping another primary school to set up their own church council. With the help of our school ministers, Church Council plan and deliver Collective Worship every week using stories from the bible, religious teachings and our Christian themes. We also cover stories and ideas from other religions around the world.

What is class-led collective worship?

Every class has the chance to lead a Collective Worship in the hall for their parents and carers or friends and family to come and watch. This will be led by the children with help from the teachers and adults in that class. The theme of the assembly varies from class to class. Some of the classes follow the Value of the term, whereas some classes choose a global issue or topical news story. You will have to come and watch to find out! Ask your child's class teacher or at them office for the date you need! 




Here at school we regularly have visits from Reverend Rachel who will hold Eucharists and Candlemas.


Here is a picture of our recent Candlemas!