Bolsover Church of England Junior School


Multicultural learning is extremely important at our school and can be found within many different parts of the curriculum. We have lots of different events at our school which include multicultural learning, like Spanish breakfasts, Collective Worships lead by Action Aid, as well as visitors from different religions to talk about their beliefs and culture. We also hold international food evenings, these have included: curry night and Chinese cuisine night.



Within our curriculum -


Geographical Knowledge

- Can they name a number of countries in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere?

-Can they locate and name some of the world’s most famous volcanoes?

-Can they name and locate some well-known European countries?

-Are they aware of different weather in different parts of the world, especially Europe?



What do people believe about God? 2.1


What is a Hindu and what are the deeper meanings of festivals (Christmas & Divali) 2.10

What are the deeper meanings of festivals (Christmas & Hanukkah) 2.10

What can be learnt from Hindi way of life? 2.14


What is the purpose and value of a Hindu sacred space? 2.8