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Bolsover Church of England Junior School

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  2. Monday 12th July 2021

Monday 12th July 2021

9 July 2021 (by Mark Backhouse (M.Backhouse))

Amendment to closing of the register time on Monday.

To all our parents and carers,

On Monday, school will start at the usual time and lessons will continue as usual. However, we do appreciate that some children may be up late Sunday evening watching the football and supporting their country and therefore we are extending the closing time of the register Monday morning to 10.30am.

If your child arrives at school after 9.05am, they are to come to the school office where they will be signed in and can then go straight to their classroom. We kindly ask that social distancing is maintained.

If you know your child is going to arrive later on into the morning and will be having a school dinner, please make sure you have contacted the school office (not your child's class teacher) before 9.30am.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that on Monday we can celebrate a victory and share history in the making.

Mrs Bailey and the Bolsover team.

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