Horsehead Lane, Derbyshire, S44 6XH.
01246 822324

COVID Arrangements for Parents/Carers and Pupils


We kindly ask that parents/carers stick to the drop off/pick up times allocated. If you have any issues with regards to this, please ask to speak to Mrs Bailey. 


Guidance for drop off / pick up:


Drop off Year 3 and Year 5 08:40 Pick up  15:30
Drop off Year 5 and Year 6 08:50 Pick up 15:30


  • Please observe the school's one-way system.
  • Please use the markers to help you maintain social distancing.
  • Only one parent/carer is to carry out the school drop off / pick up. 
  • Please do not stand around waiting on the school site after drop off / pick up.
  • If you are late on any occasion, please telephone the school office on 01246 822324. 

We really appreciate parents/carers support with these measures and thank you for your patience.


The one-way system is outlined below: