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Additional Games, Resources & Activities


While your children are at home during the national school closures, our staff have found a range of games and activities that the whole family can take part in to keep you active, develop your mental wellbeing and reduce the amount of time spent on electronic devices.


DDAT Summer Experience Projects

Click on the following web link to take you to a range of summer experience activities for you to be taking part in over the summer holidays:

These can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the following webpage:

If your child completes the activities, they could be in with a chance to earn a DDAT Summer Experience Badge. Also, don't forget your child has their class country project to be accessing over summer in preparation for when they start in their new class.

Outdoor & Fitness Activities

Walking Activities - A range of simple activities to complete while out walking.


 NHS Change 4 Life Activities for Kids


Bee Outdoors - Growing & Learning Through Nature and Play

Lego Faces - an adaptation of the British Orienteering "Funny Faces" activity that involves using Lego and building blocks at home.

Indoor Virtual Tours 

Just in case you want to virtually visit any landmarks, this one does involve a device, here's a document with a range of over 60 virtual tours and trips to famous landmarks around the world.

Virtual Tours and Trips