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What happens if a year-group or class bubble has to isolate?


There are many changes we have needed to make in school to ensure children are safe when working in school during COVID times.


Should we be notified of a positive test result, the school has several steps it has to take. These steps include:


  • Contacting Public Health England
  • Assessing the contact the person receiving the positive test result has had with others 
  • Informing all stakeholders of the next steps


Parents/carers will be notified through Class Dojo if a peer or adult in their child's bubble has a confirmed positive test result and parents/carers will be informed that their child/ren need to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. At this point, remote learning will be introduced where children are to engage with their lessons through Class Dojo. Siblings of children within the bubble, who are required to self-isolate, are still expected to come to school unless their brother or sister (in the year group) develops symptoms themselves. 


Following the notification, parents/carers will be invited to a Zoom meeting where the year group team will explain the expectations for teaching and learning during the period the year group are self-isolating. 


For further information regarding virtual teaching, please see the following section of the school website: Bolsover Church of England Junior School - The Virtual Teaching Programme (


Please remember that at any point you can contact school for advice and support. 


Please check out this handy flowchart to support your understanding of the procedure in which school will follow: