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Bolsover Church of England Junior School

With Faith, Hope and Love, we grow together.

DDAT Curriculum Vision

Our trust aims for all their schools to provide its pupils with a substantial, broad and balanced curriculum, ensuring that they are fully immersed in knowledge, skills, vocabulary, opportunities, responsibilities and experiences relevant to the world in which they live.

They recognise that each school is unique and has developed its own curriculum intent. As a trust they believe that it is essential to recognise what is important to each individual school’s identity; their pupils and communities. Across the school's our curricula do not look the same because our schools are all different. We support each other in curriculum implementation and schools work well together as well as with the School Improvement Team to improve shared priorities.

Professional development is fundamental to our success as a MAT equipping school leaders and all staff to deliver the very best to the children in all our schools.

Our Curriculum

Bolsover Church of England Junior School is an inclusive school where we aim to meet the unique needs of individual pupils whilst supporting them in fulfilling ambitions and striving to be the best that they can be regardless of background, special needs or disability.


Here at Bolsover Church of England Junior School, we believe that a happy pupil is a good learner and that happiness as well as mental and physical wellbeing should be ends in themselves. We provide a warm and caring environment that nurtures confidence, self-esteem, kindness and support whilst challenging our pupils to develop resilience and perseverance and to be respectful of beliefs, customs and practices of others.


When planning our curriculum, at the very forefront, is the absolute desire to excite and challenge all pupils whilst providing them with the essential knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will undoubtedly face in life beyond Bolsover. Underpinning this is our school’s vision. We value every child and every moment and therefore our curriculum is designed to ensure that our pupils can be the best that they can be by providing them with the building blocks of what they need to know and be able to do to succeed.


Our curriculum allows for pupils to experience life in all its fullness - it goes beyond Bolsover and helps them to develop a good understanding of their role in society and the world in which they live recognising and appreciating the past, present and future.


Our curriculum is delivered through:

  • A thematic topic approach that is flexible and adaptable to the meet the needs of our individual pupils alongside the discreet teaching of reading, writing, grammar, spelling and maths.
  • Planned opportunities to teach and revisit key skills, knowledge and understanding in order to secure learning and ensure progress.
  • An approach which allows for feedback to be provided at the point of learning.
  • Memorable experiences to hook and engage our pupils into their learning.
  • Thematic topic lessons which begin with a “big start” and end with a “big finish”
  • Quality key texts that promote the use and development of rich vocabulary.
  • Develop oracy skills through a range of exciting speaking and listening opportunities and challenges.
  • Opportunities to develop pupils social and emotional skills
  • High quality support and (wherever possible) same day intervention to meet identified needs including pre and post teaching.
  • A strong community approach with pupils at the very heart.


Through the teaching of our curriculum, we aim for every child to grow and flourish and leave Bolsover with a strong sense of well-being as well as the knowledge, skills and understanding to help shape the society in which they will live.


Despite school closure in 2020, our curriculum continues to be broad, balanced and include the essential knowledge, understanding and skills whilst at the same time working to recover missed learning that is essential for our pupils to progress. As a consequence, we have developed policies and practices, including a blended learning approach to ensure standards both in and out of school remain high and that learning time is maximized. The intentions of the curriculum are deeply rooted within the work of the school where approaches are adapted to meet the changing demands in society whilst ensuring we serve our children and community with a bespoke core.


Updated: September 2020

Our curriculum is designed using the Cornerstones curriculum which is broken down into the following areas:

Image result for cornerstones 

More information can be found out about this here.


Please find below our Whole School Curriculum Map below, that covers all aspects of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum 2014, and scroll down to see the topics we cover in each year group.

(Updated: October 2020)

Year 3

Mighty Metals

Tribal Tales

Terrible Tremors


Gods and Mortals



Year 5

 Scream Machine

Pharaohs & Mummies


Alchemy Island

The Bess of Hardwick

Bolsover Blossom and Bloom

Year 4

Burps, Bottoms & Bile

I Am Warrior!

Road Trip U.S.A

Blue Abyss

Traders & Raiders

Powerful Potions


Year 6

Blood Heart


The Frozen Kingdom

Darwin's Delights

Hola Mexico!

Tomorrow's World

Progression of Knowledge, Skills and Vocabulary 

Click on the subject area below to find out the knowledge, skills and vocabulary in each subject for each year group.

English | St Michael's Church of England Primary School Walsall A new way of teaching maths in schools

PSHE – Singleton C of E Primary School

Knowledge Organisers

We recognise that when schools and parents work together, children’s outcomes are improved. With this is mind, we have created half termly ‘Knowledge Organisers’, which are used both in school and sent home for children and parents to refer to.

These relate to class topics and science work, and feature key facts, dates and vocabulary that children will need to learn in order to support their learning in class. They also identify knowledge our children should know before beginning the topic along with ideas for enquiry and further learning at home. 

Knowledge Organisers are referred to on a regular basis during lessons, and children complete a pre and post assessment work at the beginning and end of each topic to assess what knowledge and skills they already know and what they have retained.


Find the relevant year group and click on the topic below to see the Knowledge Organiser.

Subject specific knowledge organisers can be found on the subject pages.


Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 3

Mighty Metals

Tribal Tales Terrible Tremors Predator Gods & Mortals Flow
Year 4 Burps, Bottoms & Bile I Am Warrior Road Trip U.S.A Blue Abyss Traders and Raiders Powerful Potions
Year 5 Scream Machine Pharaohs vs Mummies Stargazers Alchemy Island

The Best of Hardwick

Bolsover Blossom and Bloom
Year 6

Blood Heart


The Frozen Kingdom

Darwin's Delight

Hola Mexico!

Tomorrow's World


For further information about our school's curriculum, please refer to the individual subject pages under the curriculum tab on our school website.


Alternatively, if you have any further queries, please contact Mr Backhouse (Deputy Headteacher) at school on 01246 822324, or via email, at