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To embrace our musical intent, we introduce a new composer every two weeks to provide the children of Bolsover with opportunities to be inspired by, listen to and appreciate a variety of different musical styles. 

Music is an ever-increasing way of expressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Therefore, by introducing a new composer to the children, they can find ways to embrace different styles of music which, in turn, can help them find ways to communicate their feelings. 

Within the classroom, children enter each day listening to the chosen composer which provides a calm learning environment to start the day. This music is also playing in our school reception area throughout the day. 

Please find below the composers previously studied over the academic year of 2020/2021

Shawn Mendes | POPSUGAR Celebrity UK

Shawn Mendes

John Williams | Hollywood Bowl

John Williams

Interview: Philip Glass, Author Of 'Words Without Music' : Deceptive  Cadence : NPR

Philip Glass

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her “Total Psychotic Break” in Oprah and Prince  Harry's Documentary Series | Vanity Fair

Lady Gaga

Yanni | Biography, Music, & Facts | Britannica


Why is Taylor Swift Re-Recording All Her Old Albums? - Scooter Braun New  Music Folklore

Taylor Swift


Lera Auerbach unveils a darkly formidable new piano work

Lera Auerbach

Usher photo 24 of 119 pics, wallpaper - photo #38486 - ThePlace2


Here is the overview of the composers that we are studying this academic year:


To honour our British Values, we have selected a range of composers to promote mutual respect and the tolerance of different religions and beliefs. 


Composers such as Usher, Sam Smith and Aretha Franklin have been carefully selected to promote diversity in race, religion and sexual orientation.