Bolsover Church of England Junior School

Religious Education

Religious Education


Each term has a different RE focus for our classes. We enjoy some great lessons and activities where we explore a variety of different religions. This includes the six main world religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. We explore many aspects of these religions including how they began, how the faith is practised and who the key leaders are.


In Spring, years 3 and 4 were looking at the creation stories from different religions. See if you can spot some of our work on the slideshow! Following this, we looked at the Easter story, from Jesus entering Jerusalem to Easter Sunday. 

In our summer term,  we have been looking at the Holy Books of Christianity and Islam, as well as learning all about Pilgrimage. We have looked at the different religions in more detail too!


Years 5 and 6 spent Spring working on the importance of leadership, and what makes a leader worth following. There are some examples of their work here too! They also looked at the Easter story at this time.

Just like lower school, we have been looking at Holy Books this term, focussing mainly on the Qur'an. We have thought about the importance of the Holy Book for Muslims, as well as Holy Books for different religions, and how this effects the day to day lives for believers.




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