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The DDAT (MAT) Vision


The values and ethos that DDAT is built upon are Christian in nature and represent values and principles that are important to people of all faiths and no faith. There is a focus on individuality, collaboration and unity; there is a real sense of belonging within DDAT. This is well-balanced with a sense of autonomy and empowerment enabling schools to flourish as separate and unique entities.

DDAT’s vision is to build a better future for all within our academies who in turn will positively impact their communities. Church schools within DDAT academies are recognised for their distinctive and inclusive Christian ethos and for the impact that this has on raising educational standards.

DDAT is increasingly assisting non-faith-based schools as they plan to sustain improvements in their schools by joining the growing number of schools that form the Trust. The DDAT family of schools consists of both Church and non-Church schools who all work together to achieve the aims of the Trust as follows:

  • Provide children with excellent educational provision
  • Rapidly improve underperforming schools
  • Develop effective school-to-school support
  • Build strong relationships and promote work with external partners
  • Raise aspirations and tackle disadvantage so that no pupil is failed by their school.

DDAT academies demonstrate their distinctiveness by providing an inspirational and holistic education that enables all children and staff to develop and achieve their full potential. Church schools within DDAT are not faith schools for the faithful, but Church schools for the community.

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Updated: April 2020