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Mental Health and Wellbeing


At Bolsover Church of England Junior School, we are committed to promoting and supporting our children and staff to build resilience and positive well-being. We want all our Bolsover family to feel happy, healthy, comfortable and positive as we face the challenges life throws in our path. We will strive to build a whole school environment where mental health support is key and develop approaches within which pupils can achieve their full potential.  The wellbeing of all our school community is at the heart of our school and through an enriched curriculum, targeted intervention and support we will aim to be the best we can be and be proud of who we are. Sometimes we cannot do this alone but that is OK.


Sometimes life's roller coaster of events means we can find ourselves struggling to cope with our day to day routine. Remember that you are never alone and there are many avenues of support available. Please feel free to contact school for a chat, help or to be signposted to other agencies.

We are always happy to listen.


Please press the links below for some helpful contacts. 




Derbyshire LGBT+

Every Mind Matters

Rethink Mental Health

Mental Health Foundation

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Derby and Derbyshire Emotional Health and Wellbeing


Please press the links below for some helpful contacts and links for supporting your child's mental health and well-being.

Maudsley Charity




Calm Harm


Action for Children


The Mix

Young Minds


Government Guidance

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools




Behaviour Support Service Connection Resource