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School Admissions

Bolsover Church of England Junior School Admission Arrangements for September 2023. 

Following the publication of the new School Admissions Code 2021 , the governing body of Bolsover Church of England Junior School have consulted on the school admissions policy for September 2023. The admissions policy has been adapted to ensure we are fully compliant with the new School Admissions Code (2021) and there have been no changes to the school’s oversubscription criteria.


The Admissions Policy for the 2023/24 academic year is available to download here: Admissions Policy for September 2023. 

If you require a hard copy, please contact the school office on: 01246 822324.


The Local Authority provides a common application form each year for intake into our Year 3 Class, inviting all parents to name their preferred schools.  The maximum number of reception children to be admitted during any one school year is set at 70.  The school operates a one point entry system in September each year.  The Governors’ Admissions policy during the school year is to admit children in the following order of priority:


  • Looked After Children (LAC) and previously LAC, including those who have been in state care outside of England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted or became subject to a child arrangement order or special guardianship order.
  • Children living in Bolsover and with siblings attending Bolsover Church of England Junior School at the time of the application and admission
  • Children living in the normal area served by the school at the time of application and admission
  • Children who have siblings that already attend the school
  • Children whose parents request a place on religious grounds
  • Other children whose parents have requested a place

All pupils who have named the school in their Education Healthcare Plan (EHC) will be admitted.


(Please see the Admissions Policy for September 2023 for definitions and further detail). 


Applications for a place should be made to Derbyshire County Council (DCC) by the given date in January of the year that your child is due to start school in the September. Please check the DCC website for deadline dates.  Places are offered to parents usually in April but again please check the DCC website for details.


Arrangements will be made for children and parents to visit school during the term before they start.  This gives an opportunity for children to meet both their new teacher and children in their class, also to familiarise themselves with the school. 


Click here to visit Derbyshire County Council’s Schools Admissions Page

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