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Healthy lunches and snacks are important for children and help with concentration and learning.


Click on the lunchbox below to download our handy and helpful leaflet for advice on packing a healthy lunchbox for your child. Please help us by ensuring your child's lunch follows our school policy.

(All advice is taken from the Food Trust website: )

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A balanced diet is about eating lots of different foods to get the nutrients you need, and it’s hard to get that variety into kids’ lunchboxes – it might seem so much easier to stick with the same ham sandwich, crisps and a biscuit every day. 

So, if you’re going down the packed lunch route for your kids, be prepared to put in a bit of time and effort – it’ll pay off in spades for their nutrition.

Or make the switch to school meals: we already have to meet tough standards for nutrition, so you’ll know your child’s choosing from a healthy menu.


Try our recipes for great lunchboxes below.






If you want to add extras, sticks of carrot or pepper often work well, as do pieces of chopped fruit. Children are much more likely to eat fruit and veg if it’s in bite-sized pieces, and if they don’t have to peel it themselves.

All children have different appetites and these will vary as they grow and develop. You‘ll need to adjust the portion sizes of these recipes appropriately to suit your child’s  appetite. 

Children should have access to free drinking water throughout the day at school but if you want to add any other drinks to their lunchbox, go for low fat milk, or 100% fruit juice. 


Check out the link below to find our own Healthy Lunchboxes leaflet which we sent out to parents this year. If your child receives one of these in their lunchbox it is just a gentle reminder that they may have something in their which does not follow our guidelines!


Check out some examples of Healthy Lunchboxes from some of our own pupils:

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Lunchboxes - image 1
Lunchboxes - image 2
Lunchboxes - image 3
Lunchboxes - image 4
Lunchboxes - image 5

Have you wondered what school lunches are really like?


We believe that our school lunches are the best! All our meals are cooked from scratch onsite using organic, local and Fair Trade ingredients. We believe all our pupils should be opting in to our school lunches!


Our school provide many opportunities for parents and other family members to come into school to sample our tasty and healthy school lunches.

Keep an eye out on the school calendar to find out dates for our Family To Lunch Days.



Resources to encourage healthy eating at home:

  • School Food Plan training resource to help all school staff understand the importance of a good

school food culture:

  • The Eatwell Guide. A tool used to define government recommendations on eating healthily and

achieving a balanced diet:

The Eatwell Guide image and Eatwell Guide booklet are included in the list of resources.

  • Let’s Get Cooking: Learning Network. A hub of information about providing healthy children’s food offering15 training courses for schools and caterers related to improving food for children: