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The School Governors have an important and active role in the life of the school. They have the responsibility for the strategic development and are accountable for the school's performance. The Governing Body is made up of representatives from the Local Authority, the Church of England, the community and parents and teaching staff.


There is a Committee structure that includes aspects relating to the school's finances, staffing, curriculum and health and safety as well as performance data.


Both Full Governors, Teaching and Learning and Resource Management meetings take place throughout the year. The Governors also undertake monitoring visist within the school looking at various aspects (including progress) in different areas of the curriculum discussing these with both Senior staff and the children.


The Governors have a vital role to play within school ensuring that every child gets the best possible education in a safe and happy environment for learning and to ensure that there is clarity with all stakeholders of the vision within school and a clear strategic direction.


Not all the Governors have an educational background. They come from a variety of areas and are therefore able to bring their individual knowledge and skills to theGoverning Body.


The Governing Body work closely with the Headteacher and her staff whilst holding them to account for the school's performance and taking hard decisions in the light of objective data.


The Governing Body is scrutinised when an OFSTED inspection takes place.



Our Chair of Governors (Alison Adair) can be contacted through: 

 School telephone: 01246 822324

School email:

School postal address: Bolsover Church of England Junior School, Horsehead Lane, Bolsover, S44 6XH





Dear Bolsover Church of England Junior School Community,


My name is Alison Adair, and I am currently acting in the role as Chair of Governors at our school.

I am delighted to be able to serve our school community and to support the school leadership team as effectively as I can as we journey together towards ‘good’. It is so thrilling and a genuine privilege to be part of a school where the team are so committed to improving opportunities for every pupil every day.


Originally from the Chesterfield area, my family and I moved to live in Bolsover in 2014. Sean, my husband, is the local Methodist Minister based at Hilltop Methodist Church. We have two grown up daughters, Lauren and Beth, and a wonderful little grandson. 


I bring my own expertise and skills in education to the role as Chair of Governors, as I have worked as an Executive Headteacher and National Leader of Education in the Diocese Sheffield Academies Trust, and where I am currently their Head of School Improvement.  Within that role, I have managed schools who have found themselves in a similar situation to our own, in an Ofsted category, or with outcomes well below national, leading them to rapid and sustained improvement. Hopefully, some of these skills and experiences will prove useful as I serve the school community in my role as a governor.


As Chair of Governors, I would like to thank all the members of the Governing Body, the Headteacher and all the staff for their dedication and for the time they give the school and our children throughout the year.


Thank you for the wonderful privilege of serving alongside you all!


Alison Adair     

Chair of Governors


Contacting our Chair of Governors: 

Our Chair of Governors (Alison Adair) can be contacted on the following:


School telephone: 01246 822324

School email:

School postal address: Bolsover Church of England Junior School, Horsehead Lane, Bolsover, S44 6XH


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