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School Council

School Council


At our school, we are establishing our pupil voice through our School Council. We understand the importance of children being heard and making the changes they wish to see in their school; after all, the school is theirs. 





We elect our School Council members through a democratic voting system within each class where two members of the class are chosen to represent the pupil voice. 


Once our School Council members are elected, they meet altogether (with a staff member) to hear of the roles available within the School Council. Councillors then present their reasons why they feel they would be suitable for a particular role. 




Who is who?


Our Structure


Vice Chair: 



Learning Councillor:

Sports Councillor:

Playtime Councillor:

Fundraising Councillor:

Church Councillor:

Community Councillor:

Wellbeing Councillor:



If you have any suggestions for any of the points we are currently working on, please get in touch with your class school councillors or add them to this padlet so we can discuss them.

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What are we currently working on?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we have a School Council?

We believe that the pupils' voice is vital in making sure our school meets the children's needs. Our school is built around the children so it is important they have their say and get heard.

How many Councillors are there?

Each class elected 2 School Councils, creating 20 Councillors in total.

How were the School Councillors elected?

The classes were given information about the school council and what their roles would be. The children had the freedom to choose whether they would like to stand and were asked to prepare a short speech as to why they feel they would be good for the role. Promoting British Values and democracy, each class voted for the candidate they felt would represent their class the best. 

What makes a great School Councillor?

All our school councillors are excellent at following our school ASPIRE values. In addition to this, a school councillor should: 

  • Be resourceful; have good problem solving skills.
  • Be reflective.
  • Be independent; try to have confident speaking skills and excellent listening skills.
  • Be collaborative; enjoy teamwork.
  • Be aspirational; have an open mind to new ideas.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be determined; work hard to get things done.


Help your child learn more about the role of School Council by reading this CBBC Newsround article.


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