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Collective Worship

 To become upstanding members of a diverse and awe inspiring world.   

In the dawn of that day the stars sang together, and the heavenly beings shouted for joy
- Job 38:7






At Bolsover Church of England Junior School acts of collective worship are a very important part of the school day as it provides children, staff, governors and visitors with the opportunities to come together as a community. The school, along with the governors, recognises the importance of collective worship in the development of children spiritually, morally and culturally. At Bolsover Church of England Junior school, collective worship also enables children and staff to give expression to, reaffirm and practice the values of the school – and wider community.


Therefore, collective worship at Bolsover Church of England Junior School is planned to:

  • Be inspirational and inclusive. It should engage all learners and they should be able to talk about the impact it makes on their relationships and on life in the school
  • Include Biblical material and Christian teaching and this should explore and relate to the schools core Christian values 
  • Have a strong focus on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit enabling all learners to embark on an understanding of the Trinity 
  • Help all learners to understand Anglican and other Christian traditions found in the UK and worldwide.
  • Challenge all learners of all backgrounds to understand and embark on their own spiritual journey. They should understand the value of Prayer, Reflection and Stillness 
  • Contribute significantly to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; by providing all learners with “something more than the obvious, something to wonder at, something to respond to”
  • Be an opportunity to Celebrate and give thanks for achievements within the school, local and international community and occasions of significance, including festivals


Collective worship should be an experience that does not offend the integrity of the non-religious or those of different faith.


The positive educational outcomes of collective worship at Bolsover Church of England Junior School include opportunities for:

  • The whole community to celebrate; 
  • Sharing and experiencing differences; 
  • Developing a culture of learning; 
  • Building a sense of group identity; 
  • Encouraging a sense of personal and social responsibility; 
  • A break from the busyness of life (for stillness and quiet); 
  • Learning how to behave in a large social group; 
  • Exploring feelings and emotions; 
  • Learning how to perform in front of an audience; 
  • Learning how to respond to a performance; 
  • Developing inner awareness.


Subject Leader

The subject co-coordinator for Collective Worship in school is Miss Rebecca Howard, who can be contacted on 01246 822324, or via our school email at Our Collective Worship nominated governors are: Ms Pamela Hall, Ms Christine Holmes - Elener, Ms Jean Saddington and Ms Rachel Gouldthorpe (Reverend Rachel) who can be contacted via the same contacts above.



Subject Policy and Guidance

Collective Worship Policy


Collective Worship Timetable

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Gallery - Evidence in School 

Our Collective Worship this half term is all about Gifts. We have discussed with the children what we mean by ‘Gifts’ and they have answered in such wonderful ways from physical gifts, to the gifts and talents of others. From talents such as being skilled in football to talents such as being unconditionally kind, supportive and loving, the children have all written a gift tag for another of their peers, explaining what they believe their gifts are. 

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Remembrance Day

At Bolsover Church Of England Junior School, we have been celebrating Remembrance Day and the gift of a peaceful life that all of the service men and women have given to us through their sacrifices.

We will remember them.

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Gallery - image 1
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