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Collective Worship

 To become upstanding members of a diverse and awe inspiring world.   

"With love being the greatest of these, we shalt learn to love thy neighbour as thyself."
Matthew 22:36 - 40









Collective Worship at Bolsover Church of England Junior School is at the heart of our school, it provides our children, staff, governors and visitors with the opportunities to come together as a community. It is a time for us to to come together, to reflect upon our own spirituality, values and place in the world.

The school community recognises the importance of collective worship in the development of children spiritually, morally and culturally.

At our school, collective worship also enables children and staff to give expression to, reaffirm and practice the values of the school – and wider community.


Bolsover Church of England Junior School's core values are:









Above all, every member of staff upholds the most significant Christian expression: Unconditional love.   



What is Collective Worship?

Collective Worship is our time 'to be still and to reflect on the day when we come together as a school community. This may be through singing, celebrating the Christian Values shown by our children, through prayer, or by sharing and discussing religious stories and courageous advocates. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday this takes place in the hall as a whole school. On Tuesday, we reflect in our Class Worship on our whole school worship the previous day and on Thursday, the children have an opportunity to share their spirituality and understanding of Christianity through leading their own worships in class. 


Each half term we have a new theme for the children to explore the Christian faith, core values and religious teachings, these are:

Autumn 1 - New Beginnings

Autumn 2 - Advent 

Spring 1 - Epiphany 

Spring 2 - King of the Jews

Summer 1 - Our World

Summer 2 - Together 


For more information on each overarching theme, our Collective Worship overview can be found here: 

Collective Worship Overview 2022-23


  Who leads Collective Worship?

Collective Worship is led by all of the Class Teachers in school, supported by our Collective Worship Coordinator; Miss Howard. 

Collective worship in Bolsover Church of England Junior School provides the opportunity for pupils:

  • To worship God
  • To consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs
  • To encourage participation and response, whether through active involvement in the presentation of worship or through listening to and joining in the worship offered,
  • To develop community spirit, promote a common ethos and shared values, and reinforce positive attitudes and, 
  • To develop ones own spirituality 


Collective worship is also led by:

Mrs Bailey

Reverend Rachel

Ray and Beryl and their Puppet Pals

Valley CIDS

Chesterfield Football Club - Wellbeing


What is Class Worship?

Every child in each class has the opportunity to lead Collective Worship for their peers in the classroom. This is led by the children with help from the teachers and adults in that class. The theme of the worship links with the overall Collective Worship theme for each half term. Some of the classes follow the core values (as mentioned above), whereas some classes choose a global issue or topical news story. This also enables our children to engage with and establish their own relationship with the Christian faith.